ASTRO SMURF: This smurf decided to put on a space helmet and try to fly to another planet!  His spaceship never left the ground but all the smurfs made him believe that he did!

AZRAEL: He is Gargamel's cat and is the arch-nemesis of Puppy.  He loves to chase smurfs and smurflings!!

BABY SMURF: He (or is it she?) was brought to the village by a stork and everyone loved him immediatley.

BIGMOUTH: He is an ogre who with a huge appetite.  He is nice but simple-minded. He thinks only of eating. Gargamel once made Bigmouth believe that the best food was Smurf soup.

BRAINY: He thinks he knows everything, but is usually wrong. He wears glasses.

CLOCKWORK: He was invented and built by Handy to help him out with work. He leaves the village but comes back regularly to see the Smurfs.

CLUMSY:  He is always falling over and causing accidents. He has a very funny voice, too!

COOK: He wears a tall white hat and apron. His house always smells of delicous baked goods.

DREAMY: He is always daydreaming.

FARMER: He wears overalls and a straw hat.  He loves the earth and growing vegetables.

GARGAMEL: Evil bad bald human that wants to turn the smurfs into gold and/or eat them. Tries to use magic but never seems to get it to work. He has captured the smurfs several times but they always escape!

GRANDPA: He wears bright yellow cap and pants and pince-nez glasses. He is a very old, bearded smurf and holds himself up with his cane.  He’s an avid storyteller and guides the smurfs through life.

GREEDY: He is usually found wearing a bib just waiting to eat one of Cook Smurf's goodies.  He loves to make smurfberry muffins and pudding but he usually eats them all up all by himself!

GROUCHY: He is always very grumpy and always wearing a frown on his face.  He always grumbles and mumbles and no matter what anyone says, he is against it. But underneath that negative attitude, he’s a softy and loves Sassette and Baby.

HANDY: He wears white overalls and a pencil in his ear.  He is quite an inventor - he helps create windmills and lots of other handy stuff for the smurfs!

HARMONY:  He plays the trumpet in the philharmonic smurfestra.  He loves to play but it sounds HORRIBLE!

HEFTY: He has a heart tatoo on his arm and often seen carring a barbell.  He is the strongest smurf.

HOGATHA:  She is a witch.  In "The Fake Smurf", she created a spell to get the Smurfs back for destroying her magic locket. The spell turned her into a Smurf. She had to paint a pea blue and glue it to her butt for a tail, though. Later,she lost her tail and it was found by another smurf, and the search for the impostor began. It was Snorty, of course. She tried to change herself back. When she did, she was still Smurf size. They threw her out of the smurf village.

HOMNIBUS: He is a human enchanter.  You can only enter the land of the Smurfs if a Smurf invites you but Homnibus helped Johan and Peewit manage it.  Homnibus offered Puppy as a gift to Papa Smurf.

JOHAN: He is a human that lives in the King's castle and is a page boy who rides a horse and protects the poor and oppressed. He is a medieval adventurer and befriends the smurfs for the first time on their quest for the magic flute.

JOKEY: He loves playing practical jokes on the other smurfs. He likes to give birthday presents that explode - anything for a laugh!

LAZY: Hates to work, but loves to sleep! Can often be found sound asleep in a barrel whenever there is work to be done!  Brainy is always after him to stay awake and get work done.

NANNY: She is an old lady smurf.  She loves her pet smoogle.

NAT: He is the smurfling that wears a straw hat and brown pants.  He is a naturalist and is a friend to all creatures. Slouchy, Nat and Snappy got caught in Father Time’s clock and became the only smurfs who were not 100 years old.  They became known as smurflings.

NOSY: He looks like a regular smurf but he is always getting into everyone else's business.

PAINTER: He is always carrying a paintbrush and usually has paint all over himself.  He loves to paint smurfette.

PAPA SMURF: The leader of the Smurfs and is 542 years old. He has a beard and wears red pants.  He is a powerful magician and is very wise.

PEWIT: Peewit is a Johan's sidekick who messes up a lot.  He rides around on his goat Biquette.  He loves music and sings totally out of tune.

POET: He is always carrying a quill in one hand and a parchment in the other.  He seems to get himself into danger without realizing it because he is always daydreaming.

PUPPY: Homnibus offered Puppy as a gift to Papa Smurf but it was Baby Smurf that managed to open the locket around his neck and became the dog’s master. Puppy befriends the smurflings and protects them from Azrael the cat.

SASSETTE: She is a smurfling and a female.  She has red ponytails and wears pink overalls. Sasette was created by Snappy, Slouchy, and Nat (after they became kids again).

SLOUCHY: He is a smurfling and wears a red t-shirt. He always looks kind of sleepy and is always laid back.

SNAPPY: He is also a smurfling and wears a yellow t-shirt with storm cloud on it.  He is very bossy and seems to be the smurflings' "leader".

SMURFETTE:  One of the only few females in the village.  She is blonde and wears a white dress. Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel to lure the smurfs to him. But Papa Smurf’s magic turned her into the charming little Smurf that everyone adores.

TAILOR: He wears an apron and has a needle in his hat.  He mends all the smurf's clothes.

TRACKER: Carries a hiking stick and looks like he is from the outback.

VANITY: You won't ever see him without his mirror and a flower on his hat.  He loves to look at himself and is the most egotistical of the smurfs.

WILD SMURF: His pants are made of grass.  He grew up in the wild and can't seem to speak to the other smurfs but is great at asking the animals for help.


THE ANNONYMOUS SMURF: Also called the normal smurf.  This is the nameless smurf that is in every cartoon that doesn't have a name.

THE ENAMOURED SMURF: This smurf doesn't really have a name but he is always the one who has hearts floating over his head when he is anywhere near smurfette.

ANGEL: A Smurf's good conscience

DEVIL: A Smurf's bad conscience

Fake: Gargamel under a spell and sans tail

GINGERBREAD SMURFS: Brainy baked several enchanted cookie smurfs

SAILOR: Smurfs wrote him into adventure stories, mustachioed

SHADOW: Jokey's shadow come to life

SNORTY: Hogatha under a spell

SORCEROR: Another of Gargamel's tricks

THE SCHLIPS: To help Astro smurf’s dream of going onto another planet, the Smurfs trick Astro into believing he flew his spaceship to another planet. There, all the smurfs drink a secret beverage made by Papa Smurf and they all turn into Schlips. Their skin is orange, and they have long black hair, and they wear furry loincloths. After this adventure was over, they all turned back into Smurfs.

KING SMURF:  When Papa Smurf went away on a trip, the Smurfs decide to appoint a new leader. One of them is elected and immediately calls himself: “King Smurf”. He wears a crown, an ermine coat, and takes a sceptre. The Smurfs start to war but soon Papa Smurf returns and everything returns to normal.

THE SMURF APPRENTICE: A Smurf takes a spell from one of Gargamel's books to make a magic beverage.  After he drinks it, he turns into a big nosed monster with green skin covered in scales and a long fat tail. Since he can’t find an antidote in the book, the apprentice and the other smurfs sneaks into Gargamel’s castle and he returns to normal.

THE FLYING SMURF: The flying Smurf has always wanted to fly like a bird. After trying just about everything to fly, he drinks a potion that makes him lighter than air. But he cannot come down to the ground anymore and he has to eat bricks to touch the ground again.